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Snackman is a company based around the modern age. We start by fist giving the machine a look that would make you proud to have the machines in your office. Then we add a 22 inch LCD screen so you can have you company logo and/or videos playing on the screen along with other images and videos. Also we try and meet the needs for you and your staff. We try to stock items that people want an purches at the machine. We do this by asking the staff as well as using sciences to determine items that your staff will enjoy. Using state of the art technology allows use to keep track of everything going on with the machine form when it needs to be refill to when the machine is malfunction. Of crocus still feel free to call if there are every any problems.

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5 second loop
10 second loop
15 second loop
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30 second loop
Static 24 Hour/ Daily Non-rotational

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Our vending machines are more then a machine that provides a snack.

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